The founder of the Dimitriadis family, Dimitros Dimitriadis, started his commercial activity following the Asia Minor Catastrophe around 1926 in the village of Mikrokampos in Kilkis, where he had settled as a refugee, and subsequently in Thessaloniki. His first small textiles and linens store at what was then no. 32, Egnatia Street (today, no. 28) – and where one of the company’s businesses is still housed – was the beginning of a long commercial course that continues to this day. Following the founder’s death, the reins passed into the hands of his wife, Panagiota, and from her to her three sons, Giannis, Nikos and Vasos.

“I Makedoniki” Property Development SA Company was founded in Athens in 1958, by the brothers Giannis, Nikos and Vasos Dimitriadis, as the continuation of their successful activities in the sector of textiles and ready-to-wear garments.