Since its first day of operation, the company’s main purpose has been to bring together and organize its founders’ new activities in the sector of urban real estate; this was gradually achieved through the acquisition of very important properties in Athens and Thessaloniki, such as the listed building and designated work of art at no. 31, Egnatia Street, known as “Stoa Kolomvou”, which was constructed in 1930 by the famous architect Jacques Moshé, and which for several decades was one of the city’s largest industrial – commercial centers; the emblematic listed building and designated work of art at no. 18, Pavlou Mela Street, known in Thessaloniki as the “Sedenko Moscof Mansion», constructed in 1924 by its original owners, the renowned tobacconist family of Moscof. Also the property at Kolotroni steet No. 34 in Athens, which is a typical example of interwar architecture such as the building at Ermou 6 at Thessaloniki.