Mansion Sedenko – Moskov, Pavlou Mela 18
Π. Μελά 18, Θεσσαλονίκη 546 22
- Κτήρια επαγγελματικής χρήσης

The privately owned “Sedenko – Moskof Mansion”, located at the intersection of no. 18, Pavlou Mela, Tsimiski and Vyronos Streets, in the 1st Municipal District of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, is built on a land plot with an area of 498.00 sq. m. and comprises a basement, ground floor, three standard floors and a loft. It was constructed in 1924-1930 by the architect Dimitrios Fyllidis (building permit no. 1019/1924) on land plot no. 10 of city block 116 of the 2nd sector of the Thessaloniki burnt zone.

It is a corner building, centrally located on one of the most important commercial thoroughfares of the city’s historic centre, Tsimiski Street, in the busy “Diagonios” area, surrounded by several stores, coffee shops, restaurants, bank branches and public services.

It holds a dominant position and is distinguished typologically and morphologically by its volume and decorative elements. It has great projection thanks to the surrounding street layout, where the intersection of three streets creates a plateau with direct sightlines towards the church of Hagia Sophia (north) and the White Tower (south).

The Greek Ministry of Culture has designated the building “a work of art that requires special state protection” and it is under the responsibility of the 4th Inspectorate of Recent Monuments (GG 34 B / 20.01.1989).

It is a characteristic example of the architecture of the period between the two world wars, with Art Nouveau elements and partial references to neoclassicism, and it is part of the eclectic style of the first decades of the 20th century.

Other projects by D. Fyllidis are the Tatti Gallery (5, Agiou Mina Street) and the Koukoumpani Building (1, Agiou Mina & Katouni Streets, Emporiou Square).

The building’s bearing structure consists of reinforced concrete and the partition walls are constructed of stretching and header brickwork courses.

The floors are laid with mosaics, marble, wood and various cement tiles. The interior ceilings are decorated with elaborate plasterwork. The windows and doors are made of wood and decorated.

The land uses pursuant to the General Urban Development Plan of the Municipality of Thessaloniki (GG 420 D / 27.04.1993) are central urban uses, which include, for example, residential, commercial, office, restaurant, cultural facilities, low-disturbance professional workshops, educational, and trade fair facilities.

The entire area of the building’s covered spaces is 2,425 sq. m. (primary and auxiliary).


The building’s basement, measuring 498 sq. m., includes storage areas and consists of two separate spaces, each one directly connected to the ground-floor stores.


Ground floor

The ground floor, measuring 458 sq. m., consists of two stores and the building’s main entrance on Pavlou Mela Street. The communal stairwell includes a large circular staircase and an elevator. From the entrance area there is access to the unbuilt area of the land plot in the back (backyard).

1st, 2nd and 3rd floors

Each floor measures 445 sq. m. including the communal stairwell, with residential uses. It consists of three independent apartments of 136 sq. m., 108 sq .m., and 165 sq. m., respectively. All areas receive plentiful natural light and are well-ventilated.


The building’s loft includes the termination of the stairwell and two independent structures of auxiliary use, measuring 59 sq. m. and 65 sq. m., respectively, with tiled roof.

Additional Details

  • Constructed: 1924-1930
  • Basement: 498τμ
  • Ground floor: 458τμ
  • 1st Floor: 445τμ
  • 2nd Floor: 445τμ
  • 3rd Floor: 445τμ
  • Loft: Two independent structures of auxiliary use, measuring 59 sq. m., respectively, with tiled roof.
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